Bullet Proof Vest vs Plate Carrier

Bullet Proof Vest vs Plate Carrier

The concept of body armor, has for years generated ideas of two different types of people. On the one hand, you have the knight-in-shining-armor-to-tactical-operator historical timeline, where the person and the equipment are almost synonymous. Take, for example, the idea of the Samurai, where both the gear, and the persona come to mind. On the … Read more

Essential Bushcraft Skills to Master by Category: Fire, Food, Water, & Shelter

feather sticks

SHTFPreparedness may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Wilderness survival is one of my first loves. As a kid, my brother and I would spend countless hours in the woods. Kicked out of the house shortly after the sun was up, our mom forbade us from coming … Read more

Biden calls for a ban on ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity magazines’

Biden calls for a ban on 'assault weapons' and 'high-capacity magazines'

March 23, 2021 Off Grid Survival OFFGRID Survival News, Prepper News: Threat Reports and Preparedness News 3 Biden calls for a ban on ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity magazines’ 31 After attempting to blame the latest mass shooting on a white Trump Supporter, then looking like complete morons when it came out the shooter was a … Read more

Changing Homes: How to Stay Prepared


I’m facing my third move in the last few years.  When I was forced to move the first time, I got my home to where I felt I was ready for whatever TEOTWAWKI event might come. Since then, I’ve lived in two different apartments, which made prepping a real challenge. Now my wife and I … Read more

Profiling a Serial Killer | RECOIL OFFGRID

Profiling a Serial Killer | RECOIL OFFGRID

We often hear the expression “serial killer” in reference to a succession of crimes committed by depraved, shadowy figures. Their murders are often grotesque in nature, but the patterns exhibited in these crimes reveal characteristics of those behind the act. In this continuation of our profiling series, we aim to create a deeper understanding of … Read more

Most Essential Wilderness First Aid Tips You Need To Survive

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Preparing to explore the wilderness soon? Before you head out on your new adventure, you need to be prepared. Here are some of the most important wilderness first aid tips that will help you out in any sitch! RELATED: Wilderness Emergency Medicine | In-The-Field First Aid In A Pinch Wilderness First Aid Basics To Help … Read more