Teach Your Puppy Not to Lick

Dog kissing woman's face

Thinkstock If you want to stop your dog from giving kisses, tell the people she kisses not to encourage her. We used to call our late Cavalier, Darcy, “the quicker licker-upper.” From puppyhood on, she loved to give kisses — the bigger and wetter, the better. No amount of trying to train her out of … Read more

Train Your Dog to Be in Your Wedding

Burmese mountain dog at weddin

Thinkstock Your dog can be an adorable part of your wedding — if he has the right temperament and training. Couples getting ready to tie the knot often want to make their dog part of their wedding day. Many envision their furry loved one sweetly walking down the aisle, wearing a beautiful dog-friendly wreath or … Read more

If Dogs Could Talk… 6 Myths They’d Debunk

Dog with mouth wide open

Thinkstock If you think your dog’s mouth is cleaner than yours, answer this one question: Do you eat out of the garbage can? Myths about dogs have been swirling around since canines were first domesticated thousands of years ago. And while they are no doubt fascinating and intriguing animals, if given the chance, they would … Read more

Tips For Living With a Deaf or Hearing-Impaired Pet

Dog watching hand signal

Thinkstock Even if your dog isn’t deaf, it’s always a good idea to teach him hand signals in addition to verbal cues. One of the sweetest things about my profession as a veterinarian is the opportunity to see the love shared between people and pets. What’s even more special is seeing the accommodations people make … Read more

Kids and Dogs Work as Teams at the Heeling House

Jolene, a 2-year-old yellow Lab, was specially bred to do therapy work.

Heeling House Jolene, a 2-year-old yellow Lab, was specially bred to do therapy work. At a new center in northern Virginia, special-needs children are working on everything from social skills and communication to reading and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills — all with the assistance of about a dozen delightful furry friends. The … Read more

7 Things New Puppy Owners May Not Realize

French Bulldog puppy

Thinkstock Getting a puppy? Prepare for lots of cuteness… and lots of work. It might surprise you to learn (or maybe it won’t!) that some first-time puppy owners are shocked to find the sweet, soft, puppy-breathed angel they thought they were bringing home actually seems to be a (tiny) marauding Tyrannosaurus rex, intent on destruction … Read more

Your Canine Etiquette Guide: Dog Park Do’s

Small dogs at dog park

Thinkstock Keep on eye on your pup while he’s playing in the dog park. Save catching up on Facebook and texting for another time. Your dog loves the dog park, and you love taking him there to play. But you both need to be on your best behavior while you’re there. Here are six simple … Read more