Achoo! Could It Be Feline Calicivirus?

Cat sneezing

Thinkstock Cat sniffling and sneezing? She could have feline calicivirus. If your cat is sneezing and sniffling, there can be lots of causes. But one thing to consider is feline calicivirus. This highly contagious virus is a common cause of respiratory disease in cats, especially if they haven’t been vaccinated against it. It’s most common … Read more

5 Things You Might Not Know Your Pet Could Be Allergic To

5 Things You Might Not Know Your Pet Could Be Allergic To

It’s allergy season for humans, and many of us are carrying tissues and rubbing itchy, swollen eyes. But did you know that your pet could be suffering from allergies, too? Environmental allergens, like the things that bloom at this time of year, can bother your pet, and there are several other things you might not … Read more

Keep Your Pet Feeling Better for Life

Cat in Vet's Arms

Thinkstock It’s important to follow your trusted vet’s advice. Wouldn’t it be great if all pets came with an owner’s manual, an easy-to-understand guide to exactly what each individual pet needs, and when? Well, there is, and there’s no reading involved (says the author of 2 “owner’s manuals” for pets). What’s this magic non-book guide … Read more

Fleas and Ticks: We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet (Or Ever)

Dog Being Treated for Fleas

Image: Dog Getting Flea Medication Every day in the exam room, I discuss parasites with my clients. Every client, every patient, because no pet lives in a bubble, totally separated from the outside world. Even indoor pets on the 8th floor of a high-rise are at risk. Fleas and ticks, although the most “visible,” are … Read more

What You Need to Know

Lethargic cat

Thinkstock If you suspect your cat has pneumonia, seek veterinary attention as soon as possible. Is your cat coughing, wheezing and producing nasty-looking snot from her nose? It’s not a run-of-the-mill cold as we might think of it. Cats can be prone to respiratory problems. If they go unrecognized or untreated, the result can be … Read more